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Our history

More than 40 years of experience, since its cooperative foundation in 1982, endorse the MOL-MATRIC team as forgers of a legacy of expertise in the construction of dies for the global automotive sector.

Our development, adaptation and sustainability at key moments in our history allow us to continue offering the best solutions to our clients through our professional and organizational skills.

We believe that the figure of the castellers adequately symbolizes the way of being cooperative.
A group of people with esperit de colla who meet to collaborate on a common task that requires effort, serenity, discipline and enthusiasm.
It is about forming an immovable cassola at the base made up of a compact fabric of people who make up a group, back to back, chest to chest, robust hands ready to support the legs of those who will climb. Here lies the success of the castell.

Constituted this first group of men who cannot be seen who go unnoticed as baixos, crosses or agulles in total anonymity, the segons, terços, will rise up until they reach the smallest, the most agile, l'aixecador and enxaneta, who despite from the tremor of those below and in many cases the fear of frequent falls, they will renew their confidence in those who support them and will try to load up and then immediately unload a feat, an aesthetic and at the same time ethical dream of solidarity. They will not chase money, nor power, nor be better than others, just prove themselves and excite the plaça with the aim of reaching higher together.

David Santacana